Pediatric Ophthalmology Service

Pediatric eye disease is fundamentally different from adult eye disease and should be treated as such. The developing visual and nervous systems in a child make it necessary to have a different approach when dealing with pediatric eye problems as compared to adults. Besides, special skills and equipment are required for successfully examining and treating children with eye disease. An additional factor to consider is the psychological impact on children (and their families) when deciding the management of eye problem. We, at the Jai Eye Centre, appreciate these facts and cater to the special needs of pediatric patients in a compassionate and friendly environment and deal with eye problems in children. Children may not complain if they do not see out of one or both eyes. Sometimes the only clue may be poor performance in school as well viewing the blackboard at a very close distance. Hence all children need regular eye checkups at the time of starting school and right through their school years. Of the many eye problems in children, the most important are refractive errors, squint and amblyopia. Adult patients suffering from squint and double vision are also examined and treated effectively.

A child should go for an eye checkup if the following symptoms are noticeable

  • Crossed eyes.
  • Keeps object close to his eyes.
  • Not being able to see the blackboard at school.
  • Things looking blurry or funny.
  • Feeling an itching, burning or scratchy sensation in the eyes.
  • Injury to the eye.
  • One or both the parents wear glasses.

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